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Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)

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Im shining my medal lol


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I Get Off

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for Walter.. I do get off.. do you

Ozzy Osbourne

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Under The Graveyard

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This is for you Ozzman :(

Alter Bridge

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Buried Alive

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For all Alter Bridge Guildies

Texas Hippie Coalition

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Why Aren't You Listening

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Like the song says "Why aren't you listening???"

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Official Website of TalismanTalisman on YouTube

Sweden's rock scene in the early 1980s had two lively bands.
One was Europe's predecessor band Force, and the other was Yngwie Malmsteen's Band.
They stimulated each other and grew while changing members (for a while, being replaced by Bass' John Levin and Marcel Jacob).

At this time, Marcel and Joey Tempest wrote Talisman's live even though the classic European number Scream Of Anger, but the aggressiveness of this song is not an idea of ​​Joey (lol)

After that, Europe became a person at the break and John Norum who ceased to follow the popization left the band in 1986.

Meanwhile, Yngwie Malmsteen joined Steeler who was excavated at Mike Barni of Sharpnel Record, crossed to a single LA, joined Ron Keel, Mark Edwards and others · joined the guitar hero in a short time, Graham Bonnet formed by that moment Alcatrazz I also left the studio album and live album one by one quickly, and immediately left the band and started the solo project.
This solo project called Rising Force was Jeff Scott Soto, who was selected for only two songs by Marcel Jacob, an old friend of the Sweden era.

Marcel Jacob, who was deprived of being a liar in Rioting Force after about 1987, began songwriting with John Norum, who withdrew from Europe and started working on solo albums but he did not agree, and Marcel started his own project I decided to make it.

From 1989 to 1990, Marcel himself played Bass, Guitar, Drums and created demo tracks. Vocal at this time was Goran Edman.
After that, in starting this project, we called Jeff Scott Soto, a colleague of the Rising Force era, named Talisman and started as a band.

The first album Talisman was announced in this way.
Sound sources around this time are announced one after another as a bonus track later.

Since Jeff was engaged with projects such as Eyes, Takara and Marcel with Billionaire Boys Club, the subsequent activities were intermittent and the 2nd album Genesis was announced in 1993.
It was around this time that Frederik joined Talisman.

After the album release, Jamie also joined and the current members gathered.
Later on, in September 1993, a long-awaited Japanese performance took place, while a set of equipment was stolen, but the sound source at that time was announced as Five Out Of Five.
Some of the images at this time are also included on the DVD, and you can see the hard hard rock band at the time.

Following the release of the 3rd album Humanimal in 1994, this album was recorded with considerable songs and was announced with various songs changed in Japanese and European part 2.

By the time I announced 4th album Life in 1995, it seemed as if he was on track as a band.

However, since the announcement of Besterious the following year in 1996, the activity of multi singer Jeff has been extremely busy, and the activities of Talisman have become incomplete.

In the late 1990s, Jeff expanded the range of activities not only to participate in numerous projects, but also to solo projects and participation in Queen Convention.
Also, before and after the release of Life, Besterious, Fredrik left Talisman for forming a metal-oriented band.
1998's 5th album Truth was completed by Pontus Norgren as a successor.
Live at SRF announced in 2001, Tomas Broman hit drums in addition to Pontus, Talisman Jeff, members other than Marcel were very unstable.
In 2002, when going back to tour again, Howie Simon, who was called by Jeff 's recommendation as candidate for Pontus who left the band due to musical difference, once becomes a candidate, but his own activity finally settled and acted again with Talisman Fredrik returned with Jamie 's recommendation, and Howie was supposed to show off twin guitar with Fredrik as a support member.
By the time I announced the 6th album Cats and Dogs for the first time in five years in 2003, it was again four people, Jeff, Marcel, Jamie and Fredrik.

Though guitarist called Fredrik → Pontus Norgren → Howie for the past few years → Fredrik return + Howie seems to be transitioning with tour members, but busy Jeff, band diapause and disagreement of opinion with Pontus overlap It seems there seemed to be, but I do not know the exact point even if I read the interview article.

Since the announcement of this Cats and Dogs, activities as Talisman became active again, and he began to frequently perform live activities at local Sweden and enthusiastically popular Spain, and in 2005 live Five Men 2003 Live, the next year in 2006 the culmination two-disc DVD "World's Best Kept Secret" announced one after another.

At the same time, Frederik was promoted to be selected as a guitarist of Arch Enemy, but Talisman's solidity of unity did not change.

Talisman started moving again in 2006, finishing recording 7th Album 7 successfully.

. . . However, a joyfully sad event happened when Jeff took part in the tour of Journey at the stage when recording was finished and mixing work was in progress.

The autumn mini-tour was canceled, Talisman announced only the album and was forced to deactivate de facto activity.
About this, the member leaves a comment that can not be said without the tears of "Jeff's dream has come true, so I'm rooting for it!"

Marcel is in the Burrn! December issue, Jeff has already become a permanent member of Journey and Talisman's activities without Jeff are unthinkable, so Talisman's activities over 18 years may be forced to end like this It is commenting that it may not.
On the other hand, in the 11/30 interview of Metal Express Radio, "American band who does not know where he wanted Jeff, you surely paid high galler, do not ask me what the situation is I can only say waiting for the announcement of the official. "It is a situation that Burrn!'s article is quite a big talk.
In the same interview, he said that he is preparing for the tour for 'March / April next year', although it is only a matter of waiting for the future of Talisman.

In addition, Jamie is the permanent member of LAD, Treat and Talisman in the interview of last Autamun's Dream 4th album, and he said that he will tour Talisman in the spring of 2007 when the tour of Journey finishes.

Jeff once said in an interview that for Marcel and me Talisman is like KISS for Gene and Paul and he says that this band will continue to work at any time back home.
It always always be home and we'll always have this band active in someway

2007.02 The current situation is that the Farewell Europe Tour in April which was announced at the end of the year is pending (it is not clear whether it is canceled or postponed or reconciled), and future activities remain unclear.
On this matter Jeff 's statement (seems to be) was announced at the end of 2006.
It seems that the title is written as "Canceled" or written as Noticed, but it seems to be confusing, but they say "they want to announce again in a form that the members of the band and all the fans can convince" I have withdrawn the announcement once with a comment.
While Journey, Arch Enemy, LAD and each member are busy, it is still unknown how this story will be settled.

As Jeff's words and Marcel, Jamie, fans can trust to continue like weeds between Journey and other band tours & recordings.

Final lineup members

  • Jeff Scott Soto - vocals (1989-2007, 2014)
  • Jamie Borger - drums (1993-2007, 2014)
  • Pontus Norgren - guitar (1995-2002, 2014)
  • Johan Niemann - bass (2014)
  • Thomas Ahlstrand - keyboards (1994-2007, 2014)

Previous members


  • Göran Edman − (1989)


  • Christopher Ståhl - (1989)
  • Mats Lindfors − (1989-1990)
  • Jason Bieler - (1990-1992)
  • Fredrik Åkesson - guitar (1992-1993, 1994-1995, 2002–2003, 2003-2007)
  • Ronni Lahti - (1994)
  • Howie Simon - (2003)


  • Marcel Jacob - bass (1989−2007; died 2009)


  • Mats Olausson - (1989-1990)
  • Thomas Vikström - (1990-1992)
  • Julie Greaux - (1992-1994)


  • Peter Hermansson - (1989-1990)
  • Jakob Samuel - (1990-1993)


Albums by Talisman in our playlist:


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